[2009] Architour #1c - Kuma Kengo

On Dec 2nd I did the third part Kuma Kengo architour together with three other architects. This time we went to the West and Central Tokyo. Started at SHIBUYA STATION (1), continued to Odakyu Chitose-Funabashi Station to see M2 (2) and FOOD AND AGRICULTURE MUSEUM (3). I was really surprised by the M2. Of course I knew its postmodern facade from pictures. What I didn't know that in contrast to its massive and monolithic appearance, the huge Ionic capital is just made of metal sheet !! You can see the sky shine through, where rust has eaten its way. The same inside. Not stone or concrete is the major building material but iron !! We visited two Ito Toyo buildings (RESTAURANT PASTINA and HONDA AUTOMOBILE SALON) and one each from Kitayama Kojiro (KINUTA TERRACE) and Workshop (HOUSE IN SAKURAGAOKA) on the way. Had lunch in the museum's cafeteria. Back to Shibuya we continued to visit THE SCAPE (4) and RESTAURANT WAKETOKUYAMA (5). The last one is definitely one of Kuma's finest works.

Yesterday I finished reading Botond Bognar's book about Kuma. Added Taniguchi Yoshio.

Today I added Mitsui Jun and Le Corbusier, some pictures of buildings by Ito Toyo and Yamamoto Riken and an exhibition poster for Imai Kenji. Up to using 93 MB.

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