[2009] EcoProducts 2009 and Imai Kenji

During the last 3 days the newest environmentally friendly products from Japanese makers where exhibited at the EcoProducts 2009 fair. Yesterday I joined a one-hour guided English tour organised by Japan for Sustainability. As this was definitely not enough time I went again today morning to speak mainly with manufacturers of solar panels, big players like Sharp, Sanyo and Hitachi, smaller wind power makers and also pellet stove makers.

In the afternoon I went to see the Imai Kenji exhibition at Tama Art Msueum, where I realised that I saw one of his church buildings the other day. Will add pictures and project later.

Added Azuma Takamitsu, Oe Hiroshi, Nikken Sekkei, Antonin Raymond and Taniguchi Yoshiro. Realised that there were two Taniguchis, father Yoshiro and his son Taniguchi Yoshio. Added projects E1-9 and E45-47 of Hiroshi Watanabe's book: The Architecture of Tokyo. Data up to 100MB.

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