[2010] Ito, Maki, and Architour #1g - Kengo Kuma

On 3rd I visited the ZA KOENJI PUBLIC THEATRE by Ito Toyo. In the afternoon I went to a lecture by Maki Fumihiko at the SPIRAL, one of his buildings in Tokyo. Later that day I went to the Auto Modification ThinkTank and Conference at Roppongi Hills, a joint event organised by the Columbia University's Building Intelligence Project (C-BIP) and the University of Tokyo (UT). Among the presenters were Mr. A. Eugene Kohn, Founding Partner and Chairman of KPF/Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, one of the companies that designed ROPPONGI HILLS. After that I attended the launch reception of the Architizer website in Tokyo.

On 6th I joined a walking tour around Tsukiji and Tsukishima, where we visited many recent real estate developments, mainly for residential purposes, for example the Rivercity 21, just to name one. There I discovered the EGG OF WINDS, a project from the early 1990s by Ito Toyo.

On 9th I used the chance to visit the NISSEI THEATRE by Murano Togo, which is part of the NISSEI (NIHON SEIMEI) HIBIYA BUILDING from 1963. The buidling on the outside is detailed with a lot of eclectic traditional Japanese elements, but the interior of the theatre itself could be best described as a Gaudian grotesque cave. His sense for details is nevertheless superb.

Later that day I went to see the TRUSS WALL HOUSE by Ushida Findlay Architects and the PAINT HOUSE BUILDING by Kuma Kengo.

Added Aida Takefumi and Von Jour Caux, 152 MB.

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