First Entry - Architour #1a - Kuma Kengo

That this is the first entry is basically quite obvious.

BUT I have started to compile this webpage since June, 26th, about five months ago (checked my emails for the exact date). In the beginning I could heavily rely on material I have been collecting since more than four years, but even though the inclusion of this material is still unfinished I have added new material as well.

The more I add, the more I start to encounter architects previously not known to me, being related to other architects or I can add more than a single project. Sometimes an architect turns out to be of importance not known to me.

I hope that others will find this database as enriching as it is for me.

Yesterday I finished the first day of a 3-day "KUMA in TOKYO" tour. Visited the STEEL HOUSE, the exhibition "Organic Architecture" in Gallery Ma and SUNTORY MUSEUM.

Added the category "Foreign Architects in Japan".

Today I visited the YaNeSen-area, an old temple area since the Edo-period. YaNeSen stands for Yanaka-Nezu-Sendagi, an area Southwest of JR Nippori-station.

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