[2010] RE2010, PV Japan 2010 and Kikutake

This week in Yokohama the Renewable Energy 2010 conference is happening with an exhibition under the same name and a supplementary PV Japan 2010 exhibition. Went there on Tuesday and yesterday on Thursday again to listen to some research papers and to see the newest products on display.

Later that day I went to the Kikutake Kiyonori lecture in Shinjuku. He exemplified the Japanese 'raised floor' architecture with three of his projects, the ISHIBASHI CULTURE CENTER of 1956, the SKY HOUSE of 1958 and the EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM of 1993. In 2004 I went to see the Sky House, but Kikutake showed early pictures of the house. I didn't realise it's modular architecture before, especially the later added children's room dangling from the raised upper floor.

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