[2010] Matsumoto and Iida in Nagano prefecture

Went to Matsumoto and Iida in Nagano prefecture on October 4/5.

In Matsumoto we went to see the old parts of the town, including the castle and an elementary school from the Meiji era, as well as some modern buildings like the UKIYOE-MUSEUM from Shinohara Kazuo (unfortunately closed), and the THIRD MILLENIUM GATE bldg from Takeyama Kiyoshi Sei / Amorphe.

In Iida we visited the O MUSEUM from SANAA. This museum is in the country, so we had to take a local train for about 20 minutes and a taxi. As we arrived early in the morning, there were no other guests, a perfect setting for a photo session. The outside and especially the inside were bathed in the morning light.

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